Email validation is a process which checks to verify if an email account is valid and deliverable. It generally runs a quick check, either catching typos or purposefully deliberate misdirection. It also checks whether a given email account exists with a trusted domain like Gmail or Yahoo mail. This not only helps considerably in cleaning and organizing your address list but also helps in safeguarding your email sender profile, maximizing the productivity of your email server and ultimately, increasing your online presence and reliability.

Every email program or software has an email validation feature. Most of the time, these features are built-in but there are some popular email programs that don't come with built-in verification system. In this case, you have to manually run the verification process for every email. If you have ever sent a verification email and had it directed to the spam folder, you know how tiresome and time-consuming it can be. So it is best for you to have your own validating program to prevent your emails from getting discarded. You can read more now about email validation services.

Apart from basic verification process, validating your email list also includes checking for grammar and syntax errors. Grammar and syntax errors are prone to being caught by spam filters. These filters can flag your emails even before they reach the inbox of recipients. When this happens, your emails won't reach their proper destination.

Apart, from checking spelling and grammar, a good email validation software should also detect and eliminate common email campaigns like double opt-in procedures. Double opt-in procedures are known for sending two different confirmation emails to the same person. It is a common method used by spammers to acquire email addresses of people who requested for information or buy something from them. A good email verification service will not only catch double opt-in procedures but will also identify spam emails that contain these double opt-in procedures. Here is more about email validation services.

Validation testing should also verify if a marketing campaign is compliant with various standards including deliverability, authentication and privacy. High sender score is another feature that can help you validate a marketing campaign. This enables your email messages to be delivered to the intended recipient. Without this feature, messages that did not get delivered to the targeted recipients can be considered as spam messages. If your messages are not delivered to the targeted recipients, the marketing campaign is considered non-compliant and this can have serious consequences on your business.

With all these features in place, you can validate email addresses yourself. This will save you time, money and increase efficiency in your marketing campaign. If you want to validate email addresses, find a reputable email service provider that will do the job for you. Find email validation services that are compatible with your business requirements today and make email marketing a great success! Continue reading for more content related to this article here: